Best Apps for Elderly Citizens in 2019

Regardless of what lots of people appear to assume, elders nowadays are often extremely with the ability of making use of mobile and computer devices. While there are absolutely still some individuals in senior living in Oakland County that stick to their flip phones, more of them each year are upgrading to smart device devices and rapidly finding out how to handle them. For those of you who occur to be technically likely elderly individuals, we have provided a checklist of the best applications in 2019 to aid make your life a bit easier.


This application offered you by the American Association of Retired Persons is a wide range of knowledge specifically tailored to elderly individuals. It provides you with a calendar of local events for elderly people in addition to price cuts that you can retrieve as long as you have an AARP membership.

Senior Cost savings

It is essentially like severe couponing, but it is all located on your phone. Merely open the application and browse through lots of large amounts as well as a list of all the places close by that deal discounts specifically for senior people.


Several youngsters are beginning to realize that the senior participants of their family members take pleasure in making use of Facebook, or at least delight in the concept of it. This app is basically a variation of something extremely similar to Facebook yet customized in the direction of the older neighborhood. Share pictures as well as videos on the application as well as view your like-minded loved ones respond to them as well as discuss them.

Find My Phone

This is even more of a functional app than a fun or enjoyable one, yet it is needed for a great deal of senior citizens. If there is one point that senior individuals deal with, it is recognizing read more where everything is. Senior people are often losing and misplacing items, particularly smaller things such as a mobile phone, so it just makes good sense that they need to have an application that permits them to track down that phone when the inescapable takes place.

Be My Eyes

If you are one of those senior people who constantly believes that whatever is a just a little also dark and a little too little, after that you will certainly love this app. It concurrently illuminates and amplifies anything that you desire to make sure that you don't have to have a hard time to check out that dining establishment food selection.


This one is not just fun yet in fact helps maintain you healthy and balanced. Word puzzles have been revealed to assist balance out the impacts of mental diseases. Help maintain your mind in good shape while additionally doing something that is really enjoyable by playing word scramble challenges that start off very easy as well as get more challenging as you advance.

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